Hertzian Landscapes

Technical Description

The installation consists of a HackRF SDR receiver that continuously scans the spectrum between 0 and 1 GHz. The signals are translated into a panoramic visualisation of amplitude over time (with frequencies along the horizontal axis and the passing of time along the vertical axis). The signals are annotated based on a localized spectrum allocation table. By comparing signals to the allocation data an assumption can be made about what a signal could be.
Three Realsense depth sensors capture the position of multiple people in front of the panorama allowing uesers to zoom in to parts of the spectrum by moving in front of the visualisation. Moving from left to right sets the frequency while moving closer to the panorama widens the view.

Hertzian Landscapes is supported by the Dutch Institute for Sound and Image and the Creative Industries Fund

Hertzian Landscapes is a project by Richard Vijgen

Hertzian Landscape #1, Insititute for Sound and Vision, NL